1. Economy and Finance-1 Week Certificate Program

a) Innovative Agriculture and Food Administration

b) Energy Productivity and Renewable Energy

c) FinTech, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

d) Risk and Crisis Management

e) Finance Literacy

2. Democracy, Human Rights and Liberties-1 Week Certificate Program

a) Hegemony, Democracy and Human Rights in 21st Century

b) Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

c) Populism, State of Emergencies and Liberties in 21st Century

d) Democratic Participation, Freedom of Speech and Social Media

e) Digital Transformation and New Tools for Communication

3. Social Health – 1 Week Certificate Program

a) Child Marriage and Impacts on Social Health

b) Drug Addiction and Impacts on Social Health

c) Conflicts, War and Trauma Impacts on Social Health

d) Immigration and Impacts on Social Health

e) Trauma and Rehabilitation after War and Conflicts

4. Gender Equality and Women Freedom – 1 Week Certificate Program

a) Social Gender and Awareness for Gender Equality

b) Economy and Social Status of Women in Economy and Business Life

c) Inclusiveness in the Role of Women In Transformation

d) Social History and the Role of Women in Middle Eastern Countries

e) Gender Discrimination and Social Roles: Discussions on Man